New Variant in the Sandy Wash Corridor

•2018/01/22 • 1 Comment

Daniel Rudolf sent me this video of his friend doing a worthy variant of Bald Eagle. His line continues upward into the final crux move on All Burnt Out then traversing left to the top of All Washed Up.

Update: Joel called it a v9.

Joel Rocha in a frame grab from the video… below.

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Nicole Overhang Yabo Repeat

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Matt Birch, who now resides in the Southwest, repeated the sit (yabo) to Nicole Overhang. 1 year ago Birch injured his right index finger and has been slowly returning to healthy form. This repeat was his first effort to seriously crimp with that finger.

Frame grab from video…

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2 New Problems at the Hound Rocks.

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I’ve added 2 new lines, both moderates to the area west of Hound Rocks. One line is on the same boulder as The Hungry Rabbit Jumps (formerly Exit Through The Gift Shop), ¬†called Josephine, v5 or 6.


The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, v6?, sit starts on a boulder.

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Nicole Overhang Sit Upgraded

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Daniel Rudolf upgraded his sit start to v10 (from 9). It awaits a known 2nd ascent.

X-Men Exit Moves?

•2018/01/14 • 4 Comments

I’ve always assumed that the gB’s topo for the X-Men Boulder was correct until yesterday when I reclimbed X-Men.


This is from the newest (2nd Wolverine) edition. X-Men is problem 32.

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Flight Attendant Sit Clarification

•2017/11/13 • Leave a Comment

After becoming aware of what others are calling the sit/yabo start to Flight Attendant, I’ve decided to write this so others will know what the original FA start was.

This is the original start for the sit.

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Blockhead Revisited

•2017/07/23 • 4 Comments

The newest edition of the JT guidebook (2nd Wolverine Edition) has incorrect numbering for the problems on the Blockhead boulder, even though the previous 2 editions (1st Wolverine/1st KDpublishing) had the numbers correct. The copy is correct (meaning nothing was changed), but the photo is now incorrect. Ugh. Regardless, Jill added the linkup from the sit start of Nitwit exiting on False Blockhead, called Nitwit Head, v6. If anyone had done this prior to January 29, 2017, let Robert or this blog know, so he can accurately establish the historicity of JT bouldering.

Start position for Jill. Basically being matched on the low crimps is the yabo start.

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