Under The Buggy, of Course And Buggy

Jill and I found a problem that we called Under The Buggy while walking around Course and Buggy, a trad route on the west side north of Intersection/JBMFP. The problem itself resides just south of the famous dihedral, maybe 30-40 feet. Getting to it is best via CnB then head left and find it amongst rocks.

The rock quality was very good given we only used a small brush. There’s a possible sit that can climb out of the hole where the lowest blue/gray pad is. Such a line seems to be hard or just not worth the time. This line is maybe 3 or 4, so it could have been done previously, but the fall isn’t good. You’ll probably end up in the pit. The pad right of me is only a 3/4″ topper.

The area has a fair amount of vegetation, so setting gear or unused pads on the vegetation, grasses, and up against trees should be avoided at all cost. The price paid is not in one person or two doing it, it’s the many, meaning it starts with each one of us. We need to avoid behaving conveniently, instead of walking gear to where the rock is. Also, it’s a trad area that gets frequented by climbers who will be aware of what we do as boulderers. Let’s show a good example. Thank you.

~ by r. mulligan on 2022/04/10.

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