You can email directly, if you wish, regarding whatever you want. I definitely would be interested in any information you have concerning anything I’ve posted. Also, if you have done FA’s worth noting, please don’t hesitate to offer it up for submission. I need the usual information, and I would appreciate at least a grade range. If you’ve only done the one ascent, or maybe 1 additional repeat, then note that because it helps explain that the rating is only conditional on the limited number of ascents.


5 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Great. I was in Bishop for 4 days before I went to JT because of the snow. Mammoth was great but it’s just not climbing.
    I haven’t got all the way through the guidebook to compare my ‘unpublished’ spots with your current information. There are some goodies that I’m sure you will like. I would prefer to take someone there and show them rather then giving instructions or GPS positiions. Most of it is going to be high quality easy (<V4) stuff, and some here and there single problems, like the "Chocolate Crucifix". Of course I will have to respect other friends "secret areas" that are grouchy old men and fear other people near them, but I will offer all of mine up to the public at this point. There is some great stuff that can be enjoyed by all.
    Here is another tidbit of info. Out the Keys Corner trail you have the "Chili Pepper" listed as Matt's problem. I do believe it is mine but no matter. The "Nunez" problem is actually called "I am a Bad Man" (just like the famous route). This relates to the rating comment:
    "I would appreciate at least a grade range. If you’ve only done the one ascent, or maybe 1 additional repeat"
    As a rule I was never at Matt's, Marcos, Scott's level, so everything I have done was generally repeated first try by one of these guys. When Marcos got to the top of "I am a Bad Man" he offered to drop off because he knew I was projecting the FA, hence the name. I never worried about the FA really, it often helped to motivate me to see it done. I always knew that if I really wanted the FA I needed to keep the guns away from the projects, or give it up to them. Same as now! There is more to be done.

    • I agree with you, so lets meet up… Regarding the guidebook, I finally went through the entire book and have now compiled a list of corrections. I’m also going to add a page of additions (it’s up but not filled out yet), so adding your stuff would be awesome!!!

  2. Hey Guys,

    Great Guidebook. My name is Jon Gipson and I lived up in Josh from about 95-03. I was a part of a “bouldering development crew” consisting corely of myself, Marcos Nunez, Scott Cosgrove, Matt Beebe, and various others here and there though those years. It’s probably time for me to share some stuff with the climbers of today. I have a field notebook I have kept from these times recording all the funny shit that went down, along with the problems. Here is a start:
    The “Palm-O-Granite” Arete was actually put up (probably, always ‘probably’ or ‘maybe’, as we have to remember the class of climbers that have been there with shoes on since 1970 or so) by Marcos Nunez, not Matt (an honest mistake by John), and is called “Come on Vacation, Leave on Probation”. This stemmed from Marcos getting arrested leaving Gaby’s/Kokomo’s (JT Saloon now) shortly after closing time! Fitting. John Weinberg is actually at my house in Encinitas, we just got back from JT and he prompted me to correct this and encouraged me to share in the rest of my knowledge if you are interested.
    Your guidebook has re-awakened my love for bouldering in JT, aqnd if you have some time I would show you some of the world class stuff that is currently unpublished. Thanks again.

    • Thanks for the correction. Yes, your information, knowledge and experience would be very much appreciated. It would be great to make it available to others here on this blog if that’s ok. I’ll also pass your contact on to Robert Miramontes for his guidebook. We just got back tonight from 4 days in josh, and it was quite cold. I look forward to the opportunity to discover what you guys accomplished.

    • Jon Gipson? Climbing again???????

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