A Line Missing From The Guidebook

In the Mulligan Corridor of the Planet X area, there are two lines listed in the gB, a right 8 and a center 4. They are named Mulligan 1 and 2. The missing line is left of the Mulligan 1. These were all sent at the approximate same time, and below is a video of me repeating my line. The next video shows Jill doing the gB-listed v4 (Mulligan 1).

Basically, the center line uses a good crimp with the left hand and the left line uses that crimp with the right hand. They are both unique yet both finish with the same topout. The left goes at maybe a 5?? Or they are both 5’s or both 4’s… I digress.

Sit start to the missing line, Love By Other Means.

For the record, I never named them. Ugh. I personally find that pretty lame, and find that I usually struggle with names in general. Unless I name it it will become Mulligan 3, a consequence of my inaction. So… the 8 will be Hate By Any Means, the original 4 will be War By Other Means and the missing 5? will be Love By Other Means.

If one linked the War By sit crux into the Love By upper crux via a match on the good crimp, it could make for a harder line. And vice versa, the opposite link could be the easiest link/line. Maybe.

Here is the sit start to War By Other Means (Mulligan 1) sit start.

There’s chalk on an unknown line that’s further past the 8 behind a fin. It’s on a bulge of sorts on the other side of that hanging fin. Go under it, turn around and look up. It starts high and exits pretty much straight up. I assume it was done, but I’m not sure. I was looking at a possible hang start but can’t figure it out. Another possible line would do the hang start and go along the hanging fin towards the 8 then up that fin as it meets the Mulligan Corridor boulder.

~ by r. mulligan on 2021/07/30.

2 Responses to “A Line Missing From The Guidebook”

  1. IMO Mulligan 1 felt about V5 and M1 Left about 6. Im getting soft in the PNW though

    • Thanks for your input. I’m inclined to go with 5 for both. I find the left more repeatable, but I think it’s because of how scrunched I feel on the M1 or right version.

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