For The Record. Electro Gecko 2000

I’ve noticed some chalk on Electro Gecko 2000. Since starts are rarely articulated, I’m posting a photo of how I started it including what I stood on, and the amount of bend in the arm. It’s a jump start as the gB says.

This is pretty much my starting position for the grade given. I stood on one pad to jump to that lighter shade of a bulge above my head.

If you’re shorter, pad up to get that arm bend, if you’re taller you could forgo a regular pad for a topper. The crux IS the jump and subsequent stick/match on a poor sloper directly above. When I jumped, I first stopped at that terrible looking crease of a bulge right and up of my left hand then popped to the high poor sloper. I’m not saying anyone has to follow this exact scenario, but the given name and grade is for that exact experience.

The grade is questionable as I originally called it a 6 then upped it to an 8. I’ve done it 2 or 3 times and don’t know how to grade the grip experience of the left hand jump/campus moves. I don’t smear my fingers but actually pinch on 5 crystals with fingers and thumb. I find it way cool and look forward to finding a taller climb with more of these holds.

~ by r. mulligan on 2021/07/30.

4 Responses to “For The Record. Electro Gecko 2000”

  1. It was at night

  2. Cmon man. That thing is impossible. haha. ….and I think I remember you doing it in something like June/July!

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