Fontainebleau Accommodations Project

This last trip to Font in February and April was as per usual, excellent. While there, we met a guy that wants to build eco-friendly accommodations for climbers. He also wants input, but he hasn’t had much input from Americans. Below is a link to his survey if you’re interested in supporting his project.

Jill maxed out on Mort à Crédit (7a). The stand starts with the left hand in the lower/closer sidepull just above her left shin.

“F&B project” survey for climbers at Font
I invite you to participate in a little survey for the “F&B project”, for the creation of a new accommodation for climbers near Fontainebleau – (one of) the best bouldering destination in the world!
If you intend to come and stay for climbing in the region of Fontainebleau in the coming years, please answer the following questions, it will take only a few minutes. Thanks a lot!

~ by r. mulligan on 2018/04/23.

2 Responses to “Fontainebleau Accommodations Project”

  1. Finally remembered to check out your blog, Rob. This photo of Jill is amazing. It should be shared with PT doctors as a test to naming all of the muscles of the arms and back.

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