A Neglected Update…

We have been in our new gîte in Perthes-en-Gâtinais for 2 weeks now, and this post is the first of more given we have excellent internet for this week. I won’t go into excuses. 😉 Suffice it to say, we have been enjoying life in our new and cute little gîte and around the Fontainebleau forest.

This is just a quick update post. Our week of camping was relatively uneventful, with really mild and pleasant weather save for a couple nights of light showers at the end of the week. Our campsite (the bivouac at Bourron-Marlotte) was the same free place we stayed for a few weeks back in 2012.


Our campsite in Bourron-Marlotte. So peaceful. 🙂

Morning view from the tent.

Morning view (across Rob’s feet) from the tent.

Our little camping set-up.

Our little camping set-up.

And then there was the unforeseen fact that the water gets turned off during the winter, and apparently doesn’t get turned on until the first weekend in April, which happened to be April 5, the day we left.

This sign on the bulletin board basically says "Welcome. Potable water

This sign on the bulletin board basically says that the potable water is cut off (citing risk of freezing) from November 14 through March 31. Thanks for your understanding.

Two years ago we had arrived at the campground a few weeks later in the season when the water had been on for awhile, so we mistakenly assumed the water was always on. Anyway, it wasn’t a super big deal, just a minor and kind of comical inconvenience (since the sign said “until March 31,” every morning and evening from April 1 on we would check the faucet in anticipation). It also gave us an explanation of why we had the whole campground to ourselves that whole week (with the exception of two really nice Dutch girls that stayed for a few days), rather than the small crowds of campers we experienced in 2012.

So now we’re in our petit gîte… smaller than the one in Boutigny-sur-Essonne but more modern, and centrally located as well. Our hosts are super nice (we received wine, breads, and cheese upon our arrival, and they’ve been very hospitable) as well.

Rob takes his breakfast egg preparation very, very seriously.

Rob takes his breakfast egg preparation very, very seriously.

Our little breakfast table in our new/current gîte.

Our little breakfast table in our new/current gîte.

Some climbing posts and photos will be coming shortly! 🙂

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  1. breakfast preperation is dead serious!

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