Perpetual Darkness Gets A New “Lower” Start

Drew Gomberg had previously sent Perpetual Darkness a couple years back starting from below the base of the long sloper rail curve seen in the photo below.

Screen grab of Drew Gomberg starting his version of the PD low.

Several weeks ago, Carlo Traversi also sent the low but from a lower point at the back of the cave. Carlo was unaware of Drew’s previous ascent. He also added another sweet addition, but this one is on the Iron Resolution boulder.

Carlo Traversi at his lower start of PD low

Gomberg called his ascent a 12 while Traversi said:

“Felt like hard V12 from the back of the cave. The moves into the previous low start… are not terribly difficult but add a little bit to the whole line…”

Traversi also called his start In Perpetuity. The renaming makes some sense as it’s a considerably longer extension to the original line. I don’t know if Gomberg gave his start a name.

In totally different style, Traversi added a slab line on the Iron Resolution boulder called Steel Resolve:

“I also added a new problem on the slab to the left of Iron Resolution. Really nice climbing on that iron rock. It felt like around V9, but grading slabs is not the easiest, so take that with a grain of salt.”

Steel Resolve, v9, left of the Iron Resolution line.

Once I have the links to videos of the ascents I’ll update this post.

~ by r. mulligan on 2021/02/11.

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