New Line Near Igneous Ambiance

Jordan Mathew has added a new line called Off The Rail, and it’s behind and to the right of Igneous Ambiance on an upper shelf boulder. He’s calling it an 8, and it looks to be very good. Below are some photos and the youtube link.

Off The Rail. Igneous is behind to the left and Chorizo Tacos is to the right below

In Jordan’s own words: “…this one (is) in Echo Tee near Chorizo Tacos. (From Chorizo look up and left.)”
His description:
I started matched on the obvious rail. Climbs pretty well, and the holds are surprisingly solid. Top could use some additional cleaning, as per usual.

Dubbing it “Off The Rail” and as for grade, I’d propose v8 as it felt a little harder than any of the climbs on the Igneous boulder. There also looks to be an exit out right, which I would imagine would be around the same grade, but chossier.

Start rail.

Good patina rock is seen in the overview and this closeup

Another patina hold

A better view of all the holds.


~ by r. mulligan on 2021/01/18.

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