The Fires of GTR. Well, Mini Fires That Is

Hello again. How bluntly can I put this? Ah, fuck it, here it is. (More bad news depending on your perspective.) Below are several pictures of “adventurers” making out like wilderness survival folk along Geology Tour Road, GTR as I refer to the geographical area. The farthest fire pit away from the road was around Pinched Loaf. That’s pretty far and adventuresome! Damn, we have to plan big time to reach Pinched Loaf. Ok, enough of the sarcasm. Here they are:

This one is personal, sorta. Jill and I put up a sit that uses the left low angled crimp and up right a higher angled crimp. The burn is the heel hook next to the left hand.

The above photo is the nearest crag on the left side traveling south at the Gateway area. This problem was “hidden” from road view and is about 50 meters?? maybe less. Either dumbass climbers or non-climber adventurers. Doesn’t really matter. Here is another view more from the side:

Same fire pit from the side. I don’t know if the cupped heel hook lip is brittle or the crimp just right of it.

Next up for your entertainment:

Using store bought wood, at least they didn’t try and burn an old Joshua Tree.

This one is approximately near the above location, but I keep making the mistake of using Photos (on a mac) and it only gives me the upload date and my phone finally broke, so… I’m guessing. Anyways, it’s off GTR. The next image is approximately along the dry wash path to Pinched Loaf, I think. The crags in the background look like those northwest of the Gateway area but… read the above story of phone breaking:

Or it could be in an entirely different area. The large hill I’m simply not placing it from memory. The nearer crags I think are the ones I explained in text.

If you can identify the background hills and rock formations, please update me. I wonder if they were thinking that by doing it in the wash, a rain would come and poof, it’ll all be gone. Next up:

This one is very beautiful. I’d say they want to return to this special and secluded hideaway.

Yes, they were “thinking” of not causing a fire (like the above one in the wash); regardless, it’s near but south or north (same distance from road) of the Pinched Loaf area. Awesome. Here is another view:

A different angle to the same issue.

As we all know, impacts by humans on the Joshua Tree landscape are increasing all the time as visitation has skyrocketed. Illegally camping in the back country is bad enough; illegally building fires that damage rock faces, and/or that could get out of control and devastate the fragile desert landscape – just because these “adventurers” are jonesing for the stereotypical camping experience – is some next-level selfishness.

Here is something more enjoyable, our friend Jonathan Markham climbing in windy summer conditions adding a traverse to a classic:

He starts on the Spud Crack, 5.8, and finishes up on Fry Problem, v2. He called it v3.

Have a wonderful day!


~ by r. mulligan on 2020/07/17.

4 Responses to “The Fires of GTR. Well, Mini Fires That Is”

  1. when you wonder “why”
    remember that los angeles is controlled by democrats
    and that california is controlled by democrats

    • I’m a bit confused about the focus on democrats from Los Angeles and California. The ‘National’ Park is a federally managed land, and with Joshua Tree, land development beyond what is already developed, requires tribal approval where LA/CA democrats can’t control. Also, I don’t like to assume, so what is it that these “democrats” who have no jurisdiction over the national park, do to cause them to be the source of blame for illegal fires in the back country? If you’re implying that more campgrounds be built, when I spoke to the park superintendent several years back, he made it abundantly clear that the park service is way underfunded. That’s something the republicans in Washington did. Luckily, bipartisan support in both houses of congress are about to approve a new funding bill to deal with $12 billion alone in maintenance for the parks, including additional funding for other things.

      Also, trump diverted funds from park revenues (that directly go to maintenance) to help fund his wall on the border, another ecological disaster for the wildlife along the border with Mexico. If you’re not aware, wildlife needs open spaces. His budget proposal also included cutting half a billion from park funding.

      Also, because of the increased popularity more money was been channeled to enforcement due to the increased damage the popularity has caused. If you remember when the parks were closed with no supervision last year, the devastation was higher than any time in the past.That’s what the republicans in Washington want to do, deregulate and de-fund.

      Sorry for the long response, but I’m not seeing the relevance in your comments. Please clarify so I can address it more accurately.Thank you for your response.

      • He also donated his salary (like he does every year) to the National Park service.
        You’ll figure it out eventually.

        • Who donated his salary? Trump? His salary is $400,000 plus $50,000 in expenses times 4 equals $1,800,000. Trump’s 2021 budget has a $587,000,000 cut to the park service, and the annual park service budget is over $4,000,000,000. There are 2 more zeros after the budget cut, and 3 more after the annual budget. If you do the math, which I assume you can, that salary giveaway amounts to NOTHING, and IMHO, this showmanship pleases individuals you oftentimes idolize this supposed “billionaire” as their savior (opinion). He’s a proven chronic lying narcissist who repeatedly screws his voter base (fact) while they repeatedly worship him (opinion). We need a president not a demigod or dictator.

          Oh, for the record, he only gave his 1st quarter salary to the park service ($100,000), and it’s illegal, no one can donate to a federal agency. But more important: no more trolling. This blog is not about politics. It’s about self-awareness in climbing, and in the broader sense, towards the environment. I made the mistake and took the bait. My bad.

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