Posting Has Returned…

It’s been a busy year in terms of work, but we’ve also been reluctant to post about new hard lines because of the potential for chipping. Not all lines are susceptible to chipping but some are, and this has lead to the current hiatus on posting FAs. Regardless, we have many other lines to post about including followers who have submitted video for potential FAs themselves.

If you’re not careful with crag food, you could get a native species going home with you! Pictured here is a mouse that was looking for food while we were at a popular boulder problem, Strawberry Contraceptives. In general it’s best to keep food stored in sealed containers. At the Tips Begone boulder, we’ve found wood rats running around our stuff.

Peromyscus (not sure which species as there are 4 for Joshua Tree) or deer mouse.

This is how “friendly” these animals are. They’ve become very comfortable around peeps.

Luckily we saw him and put everything away because human food is not good for wildlife, and because they could/would chew through packaging. We’ve had a squirrel attempt to drag a box of cookies off, and wood rats that run through everything.


~ by r. mulligan on 2019/04/19.

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