Nicole Overhang Yabo Repeat

Matt Birch, who now resides in the Southwest, repeated the sit (yabo) to Nicole Overhang. 1 year ago Birch injured his right index finger and has been slowly returning to healthy form. This repeat was his first effort to seriously crimp with that finger.

Frame grab from video…

The video is of Birch’s repeat for the camera, but he didn’t send it with the thin pad shown in the video. That was placed afterwards when others we trying the sit. Of note is where he started the sit: Daniel Rudolf used a left hand sidepull (same edge that is used for the left foot of the stand) and a far right flat crimp. Birch chose a left more incut gaston with his right on that left hand sidepull Rudolf used.

Ironically, on technical grounds, Birch’s sit is one hold “lower” than the holds Rudolf used. But… Matt found Daniel’s start to harder than his choice of holds.


~ by r. mulligan on 2018/01/22.

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