Eye in the Sky: Little Brother Has Arrived.

Recently, we’ve experienced phenomena that was originally just annoying. The second happening awakened us to a Park that’s no longer an assumed place of solitude and quiet. Yes, you guessed it, drones have arrived. Below is a short clip showing 2 incidents: the first one shows a couple flying a drone during a search and rescue event of a fallen visitor at Hall of Horrors, with the second event disturbing our privacy off trail. Though we were very close to the main trail to Barker Dam, Humanoids rarely walk these boulders save for an errant drone overhead.

Of course the park isn’t an assumed place of privacy or complete solitude, but the loud buzzing sound of a drone directly overhead destroys what little meaningful solitude existed. Even if that buzz is further away, it’s still the antithesis of nature.

And for the record, there is a small sign at the northwest entrance window saying that flying a drone is a $180 fine.


~ by r. mulligan on 2017/03/09.

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