WordPress.com Oddities… with a Tangent

I just recently posted 3 new stories in the last hour and had to go through every image to update the photo settings. This was necessary because the “improved editor” that WordPress.com pushes doesn’t work well at all. In fact, in the new editor I have yet to find the Media page to view any and everything I’ve uploaded; furthermore, the new editor has several glitches that are very annoying. One issue is that the caption from the first image keeps ending being placed in place of the new caption I write for each new image. WTF? I found that if I delete the wrong caption then have it “removed” via the remove tool THEN add it back again, sometimes it works. Sometimes.

Another issue is that the new editor doesn’t offer any option for viewing the image larger or in another window. It defaults to “none.” I returned to the old Dashboard, went into each post to re-edit then clicked on each photo to edit, and in this screen one gets that option! Yay for old ways. Sorta.

I’m a mac user too, but I feel like the new editor and dashboard are being dumbed down to absurdity not unlike some things Apple does for their GUI (graphical user interface). There’s a happy medium between having access to all the bells and whistles while NOT overloading the person to learn non-logical sequencing to find what one searches for. That’s the beauty of the old Windows GUI where a good memory makes the UI make sense. (it’s your mind that is making sense of the UI not the UI design… big difference). Apple seems to realize that the most logical process to finding things through the UI is from a person that’s both logical AND not well-versed in the protocol. Or do they? Haha… Truth is they don’t…

Of course If i want to run a loose parallel with the climbing training industry at present, those knowledgeable about things (programmers for OS’s and climbers for the climbing industry) are not the ones one should look to, but in the face of a lack of “others” it makes sense to seek their input. That’s why GUI’s don’t make sense to beginners because they’re “dumb” and haven’t been accustomed to the idiosyncrasies of the establishment. We trust the experts to understand what it means to NOT be an expert when designing interfaces for newbies. Makes sense, right?

With climbing, those that climb well know how to climb for themselves. One cannot make the assumption, though many do, that because they can climb harder means they know what makes ANYONE climb harder. Truth is their ways are mainly their ways and nothing else. One of the biggest issues with climbing training is that technique IS, no really, IT IS the most important aspect and must always be expounded and adhered to. Of course, the top climber’s techniques are almost exclusively intuitive meaning they actually don’t know what it is that they do, regardless of how well they do it.

THEN, when they hand their training off to others to emulate, they almost always show the workouts, routines, and protocols, but nothing in the way of technical guidance. Those of us that are weak try and emulate the experts and end up getting hurt, burned out or otherwise lose interest. Some do gain. Again, because their have some of that intuitive technique.

I’ve held off explaining climbing technique in the broad sense (besides specifics of a specific workout) because risking offering incorrect information is worse than saying nothing. Time is my only ally and with it I’ll be able to finalize precise and accurate technical information. Please be patient… someone may beat me to it, and that’s fine with me. In the end, it’s about getting it right, nothing more. Not making money first or pushing self-promotion.

Thanks for viewing my blog posts. RM


~ by r. mulligan on 2016/09/15.

One Response to “WordPress.com Oddities… with a Tangent”

  1. So…..does this mean you are ready to begin writing a book?! And when that is done we can make Friction 2. Can we call it Mas Friction?

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