2 New Lines at the Battle Field Boulders

At the end of last year over the xmas break, our friends Mike and Olivia came down from the Portland area to join us in Josh. We took them to the Battle Field boulders where Battle of the Bulge and a few others have been established. Just left of the Gunwale is another boulder with an uphill face. We added 2 lines total with the right line having a lower start.


H1V1, v1, starts matched at the right end of the sloping ramp, just right of Mike’s hands.

In the photo above, the left line starts at the light colored rock along the left to right rising rail. Mike is on the right line that climbs stupid simple out of the low right facing rail. Just straight up with big moves. The topout crest is a bit grainy… but positive.



This is me after sticking the first move of a low one move start. It’s 2 grades harder and 1 foot lower… punchy. I enjoyed it and it gave me an excuse to reclimb the line.


A long reach to the roundy top. You can just see on the far left edge of the photo a micro left facing corner the left line climbs through.

The left line is called Rhino Virus and is the more technical and aesthetic, we all thought. It takes a big move up to the left facing sidepull then work a couple of crimps before reaching the summit… with a hint of grains.


Starting on the two best incuts, with the best foot, lock off to the high sidepull, lay it back and work through the crimps. Rhino Virus, v3.


Big move.


Enjoyable move.


One more big move above this takes you to the top. Sorry for the camera shake, I shot them all on an iPhone.

In the above shot, the wall to the right of Jill is the Gunwale boulder, and in the shadow of the sunset lies Geology Tour Road, right being north, approximately. Boulders at the base of the hill include the Knuckleball boulder.

There are other lines along this hillside of boulders, but padding is important and 3 pads should be viewed as minimum.


The entire top is consistent but with minor sloping variances.



~ by r. mulligan on 2016/09/15.

One Response to “2 New Lines at the Battle Field Boulders”

  1. A hint of grain? 🙂 Awesome lines grain or not!

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