Mantel Madness

At the last parking space on the left down Lost Horse road is the access point to this posts’ problems. Directly in front of the parking area’s left side is a low angle slab that starts at a lip about 3 feet off the ground. In that previous post, I mention an arete sloper (called The Jacobin) that we did; just to the left is this mantel problem.

There are 2 problems on it that I added the previous weekend. The easier line (Left Wing Traverse, v2) starts at the center of the lip on slight indented slopers and traverses left till it’s easy to mantel out. This left traverse has a dab potential, so I used a thin 1 inch pad over the boulder underneath. The harder line (Left Wing Mantel, v5) goes straight up the center with a mantel. I did it with right leg up, but it can be done, I think, with the left leg leading. My right shoulder is still in rehab, so locking off high enough to begin pressing is a no go… thus I went with the right leg and left shoulder lockoff. Regardless, it’s a technical mantel worth doing if you care to learn how to mantel a sloping ledge.

~ by r. mulligan on 2016/02/08.

2 Responses to “Mantel Madness”

  1. Can you imagine if that was the top out to WR! There would probably be a foam pit underneath it 🙂

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