The Prisoner – Marion Mountain, CA

Congrats to Anthony Tarascio who sent the first part of his project on Marion Mountain; it’s called The Prisoner. The link is to the youtube video. Marion Mountain has only recently been sussed for bouldering, though it’s a trail that leads up to both Marion Mountain and the summit of Mt. San Jacinto. He told me the stand he’d guessed at 8 or 9, but that was before he sent it. The line also has a considerably harder sit (project) that starts to the right and moves up then left to where he starts the stand (shown in the video).

Video frame grab from Anthony's send of The Prisoner.

Video frame grab from Anthony’s send of The Prisoner.

MM has a legit approach up a sustained trail that takes upwards of 1+ hours. The bouldering potential is good but hasn’t been fully explored. I’ve done the hike once and but didn’t climb.

~ by r. mulligan on 2015/01/11.

3 Responses to “The Prisoner – Marion Mountain, CA”

  1. Too bad there are not 100 climbs like that up there.

  2. Damn he took my project, at least it was Anthony. Best line in the whole place and a heck of an approach.

    • I know! At least you and Anthony have an eye for a good line. There’s always the sit… He said the moves are burl with full armspan reaches!

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