Black Mtn, and a new low start…

Anthony Tarascio added a low start to a standing v4 (pun intended) called Pride. He was hesitant to name it something new but ended up calling it Roar of Pride, v10 or 11.

The start of the low to Pride with Tarascio in the start position.

The start of the low to Pride with Tarascio in the start position.

This is his description:

“The stand start starts about 3 1/2 ft almost directly above my right hand on a small but good undercling and flat left hand edge. In the photo I am setting up for the first move which is a hard drive by out of an awkward drop knee to a ok right hand edge. Move feet out right, slap left hand to better incut, move feet higher and then a blind dyno with my left hand to a jug (second hold of stand start).

The starting holds are a horrible right hand crystal edge and very small but slightly incut crimp for the left[.]”

Sounds hard. Nice work Anthony! Pride is located around the west side of the mountain from the OK Corral area, and it sits facing mostly south. He’d tried it a few times between the end of the last season and the start of this season but sent it when the weather finally became favorable.

~ by r. mulligan on 2014/11/14.

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