System Training… coming soon, very soon

I’ve written the post on System Training but need photos. Everyone needs photos, hell without them, we’d all be photo-less. ūüėČ I plan to shoot some images tomorrow then upload Part 1 by the weekend. Part 2 will come very shortly after. Part 1 starts with an introduction then covers Holds, Feet, Body Form and Turnout. Part 2 covers Movement, Body Tension, Routine and Final Thoughts. Cumulatively speaking, it’s about 4+ pages, so making it two parts should minimize the negative impact to your enjoyment or concentration skills.

After that, I’ll begin the final edit of my commentary on guidebooks with references to the new upcoming Black Mountain Guidebook (based on their publicly released PDF sample).

Since we didn’t commit to buying the summer pass for the tram, we’re avoiding going outside. We have gone for a hike in Joshua Tree at the beginning of August when it finally rained in socal¬†but without climbing. Our hike took us to a ‘new’ area for us, but the big boulders have top anchors; regardless, the boulders are worth bouldering, whether or not they’ve only been TR’d. We plan to take another hike to a nearby area as this region has stellar rock, either fine grain or large grain, but solid all the same. This means we can increase the number of projects, already numbering over 80¬†and feel even more frustrated! Yay for frustration as long as there are new lines to climb.

~ by r. mulligan on 2014/09/04.

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  1. I’m down to come out with you for some eestablishment (if you would like the company~ hehe)

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