Hotel el Gallo revisited

We returned for the last 5 nights of our trip to the Hotel el Gallo, taking advantage of the ‘climber’s option’ at the hotel. As I mentioned in my last post of the hotel, we were planning on taking advantage of the offer we heard about for climbers* who prefer a cheaper alternative where they have access to a kitchen. Here are some photos of the kitchen area. The only drawback we found was minor: their non-stick pans are all scratched, so if you want to use them, I’d recommend you bring your own, or don’t worry about toxic stuff getting into your food.

View of the kitchen area overview.

View of the kitchen area overview.

Closeup of kitchen.

Closeup of kitchen.

Seating area for several parties.

Seating area for several parties.

Paying the daily rate of 1€/person for kitchen use gets a locker seen in the second photo and include plates, bowls, utensils, two towels and glass cups. The daily rate for the room and kitchen was 25€.

Overall, the place is very clean, well appointed, nicely designed and unless you’re camping, one of the cheaper options here in Albarracin. At the crag, there is caravan-style camping only at the parking area (no tents), and no night climbing is allowed. How well this is enforced we have no idea, since we didn’t caravan camp and didn’t stay after dark to see.

For mid-May, we found the weather to be decent. Low 60’s to upper 50’s mainly due to fast moving air and occasional sprinkles. If it was clear, the temps were closer to 70. I think we got lucky.

Last year’s weather for May in Teruel, according to, was all over the place ranging from 40-70 degrees. Not helpful. We used either Teruel or Zafrilla rio weather stations on, but there could be a better option for Albarracin specifically. Since Albarracin is higher and in the mountains west northwest of Teruel (lower elevation), and Zafrilla rio is higher elevation but in the mountains south southeast, neither seemed to be ideal.

~ by r. mulligan on 2014/05/22.

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