Red Eye to Russia

It’s 8:30 am, terminal D Sheremtyevo Airport, Moscow. We flew from Madrid to here from 11:30 pm arriving approximately 6:15 am. I’m wasted. No sleep, but I am laying prone on the cold floor in a rather warm airport. It’s busy, and lots of peeps are starring at me as they walk by. We have a 6.5 hour layover, so let them stare all they want as we will be sitting for another 12.5 hours. My ass, hip, back and neck really doesn’t care one bit as I try to type this on my iPhone.

The internet works so poorly on my laptop, so… iPhone is it.

This is the price of cheap. Cheap flights that is. I can’t help wondering if saving $700 between the both of us is really worth it, but here we are.

I tried to get the flight meal changed to vegetarian, but the best I could do was nothing. their website explains their food options, but the only way to make that change, that I could find, was by calling them on an out-of-country phone number. Seriously? On the plane we had a choice of chicken or beef. Sweet!

My tailbone is getting sore; time to stand up. Only another 17 hours to go till LAX. Btw, Madrid airport is seriously a confusing collection of roads and signs that seems to go on and on and on. I’m not sure how many laps we did just between terminal 1 and 2 (2 has a gas station for the rental car that we drove by but couldn’t get to until we drove around another terminal, it seemed) to find the rental car return. Lame. Maybe Barcelona might be better. Cool city regardless.

That’s my knee…


~ by r. mulligan on 2014/05/20.

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