Imagine if Albuquerque cops policed the font forest.

Just imagine if these goons patrolled the font forest. We’d have tons of climbers dead that tried to van camp illegally in the various parking areas. Watch this video here. You can watch the cops start a conflict by firing off a flash bang grenade (after first agreeing to allow the dude to walk down with his stuff) then finish off the confrontation with bullets. It’s so f*^ked up, especially if you consider that many homeless persons are also not mentally healthy and can’t get adequate help. My brother was one of them. F*@k you Albuquerque and the POHleece! You’re training gun-toting goons to resort to shooting because their so fucking scared! Watch the video; it’s so obvious these cops are just scared of a dude with knives. What cowards!

Here’s a nice photo to change the mood:

A peaceful view.

A peaceful view.


~ by r. mulligan on 2014/03/27.

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