Wahl clippers…

As you can tell by this post and my other one on the SFR sim card, it’s raining.

As some may have observed, I have a goatee. I trim it regularly with an electric clipper (model: MC-3/Color Pro) made by Wahl. I chose the Wahl because it’s American made, and it was the only Wahl at Rite-Aid or CVS. Wahl makes solid clippers. It was a snap decision to axe the hair on my head which then doubles as a goatee trimmer.

this is my cool brick.

this is my cool brick.

I know it's obscene. It needs a little attention.

I know it’s obscene. It needs a little attention. I’m so serious…

We make a habit of buying only American made (if possible) because, well, given the corporate climate in the US, American workers aren’t exactly treated with any serious consideration, and that includes our now corporate sponsored congress and president (trying to be nice about it, but I think the correct term is “bribed”) that our ideologically driven supremes seem to be advocating (not a good thing for the judiciary… to be ideological, that is). Further to the truth, many things are made in China, a country now totally committed to unfettered capitalism while the environment, human health and labor rights all take back seat to wealth and prosperity. Sound like industrialization pre-ww2 USA anyone?

I made a big mistake when i brought it along. Two years ago I left it at home in an attempt to be light… always a good thing, eh? And that trip was lighter than this one, but I had a tough time trimming the goatee with a scissors because the hairs grow in random fashion, and flush along the skin surface. I figured this would be SO nice to always have a nicely trimmed goatee as the rest of my attire and grooming is usually pretty trashy. Just to put it in perspective, I now prefer to buy clothes from a thrift store or scour the free bin at climbing gyms, finding such choice items as a pair of duck pants from Patagucci* for $9 that are 32×34 (I hemmed them myself and use a belt or suspenders) All my pants from Kuhl are totally worn out, sometimes in as short as a few months, and I”m really nice on my clothes… I have a pair of North Face pants from the late 90’s still in the exact same shape and appearance save the cheap plastic zipper that I replaced with snap buttons while in Squamish this last fall.

I assumed the clipper was like most things now made, 100-240v universal. Just before a shower I plugged it in, and it sounded like it was turbocharged and likely to remove my face along with a few hairs! Bulls*&t! Serious? It’s only 120v, 60 Hz? Of course this is my mistake for not looking at the finer print, and it makes sense if the company doesn’t export their product to other countries, making such universalities necessary, but people do travel, right? I thought so… Well, they make one model that’s dual voltage called the Dual Voltage clipper.

I now have a heavy brick that I either have to ship back to the states or throw away, the latter being something I really hate doing. I bought a french AAA-powered clipper. 20€. The Wahl may go directly to the thrift store, my favorite shopping place! 🙂

Why aren’t they all dual voltage? Seriously… Wahl prices it the same as the others. I contacted them via their website… I really don’t like making mistakes like that, and it was so simple to fix. BTW, I think I’ll look into mechanical clippers.

*I recently contacted them to return some boxer shorts whose waist band was stretched out, but their lifetime warranty, now called Ironclad, is based on the garment’s lifetime and they do the assessing for its warranty status, either replacing, repairing or whatever, and that’s after I pay to send it back. Hmmm, right. These types of warranties are simply not worth it too me, a poor climber; nevertheless, they are one of the finer companies that support the environment and other socially conscionable issues.

~ by r. mulligan on 2014/02/28.

2 Responses to “Wahl clippers…”

  1. great post!

    • you too know how important it is to keep that goatee in check…otherwise too much wind resistance and it kills our dynos!

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