Bonjour, from Fontainebleau.

We arrived in France on Friday night late at our friends’ place, a friend I’ve not seen in years save one lucky afternoon when they just happened to be in the states at a gym I was coaching a youth in los Angeles, 4 years ago. Finally, we arrived to say hello again. There Their home sits on the northern tip of one of the oldest and largest primordial oak forests in France, Forêt Domaniale de la Grésigne, not to mention a mecca of superb sport climbing. The next morning, we left for Fontainebleau and have been here since Saturday evening.

Once we have more consistent internet, I’ll be blogging about various topics and, of course, bouldering. Right now it’s a quick stop at a McDonald’s to catch up on internet then on to Franchard Isatis for our second day in a row there.

~ by r. mulligan on 2014/02/24.

6 Responses to “Bonjour, from Fontainebleau.”

  1. Man, you’re doing some cool shit. Jealous.

    • great to hear from you! hope you’re well. yes it’s cool but costly. sitting in the rain in our car in the mcdonalds parking lot typing right now… not so cool. internet access is funky in spain and france.

  2. Was great having you guys. If we can get you in a harness i’d love to give you a tour of the local crags on your way back out. Enjoy the forest!

  3. Say hello to Thierry for Jill and I!

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