driving off road…

I get the motivation to go off-roading, but I don’t get the motivation to drive off the road calmly along GTR, go in a circle and head back to the road, seems a bit odd. looking for a campsite with your tires and not your feet? wanting to see the rocks up close with your tires instead of your feet? like the crunch of small brush under your tires? or just to prove to yourself that you can do it given the strict park rules? GTR is fairly well known for beginner “off roaders” to drive it’s length south, and either continue and head out of the park or turn around and head back north. we see this behavior, on weekends especially, occur all day long. from caravans of jeeps and such to whatever, they charge the road south then drive back in minutes or hours later. mixed with this are hikers along the road, and mountain bikers running a lap down and back (it’s nearly all down hill going south).

at the Gateway boulders, here is one calm excursion off the road:

visible along the right edge and lower left side are tire tracks

visible along the right edge and center are tire tracks. this was their arc from the back of the van to the camera position. they returned along the far left corner of the shot.

these are the tire tracks on the return

these are the tire tracks on the return

the turn was done as a 3 or 5 point turn next to the boulders on the west side (behind the camera).

and earlier when we drove into the park, an SUV was parked off the road about 10 feet angled away from the road completely avoiding any turnout or using the side to parallel park. the real weird part is that the park, from our perspective doesn’t seem to do much about it. signs are almost non-existent, but then again I like not seeing a bunch of signs.


~ by r. mulligan on 2014/01/07.

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