The Court of Owls, a new line near Barker Dam

a fellow josh boulderer and first ascentionist, Noel, posted this youtube video of an impressive arete tucked away amongst formation boulders near Barker Dam. check out the video… and if your game, he says he doesn’t think there’s a second. as such, always be wary of anything loose. Noel mentioned a fair bit of cleaning was done; nevertheless, it’s a striking line.

the name Noel explains is “…a reference to the 2011 Batman story line that introduced DC comics’ reboot of all Batman related comics.” his description of it’s location is as follows:

“The boulder itself is about 50-70 yards in on the main trail of Barker Dam from the parking lot. Using The Lion’s Cage boulder as a reference, walk the trail until the Lion’s Cage boulder is exactly at your 3PM, then look directly to your 1PM. Follow a thinner and less obvious social trail that leads up and in between the first and second conglomerations to your right (roughly 15-20 yds off the main trail). At that point you should not be anywhere near the Equinox Marker, the Painted Lady and the closed off problems of that area. If you are close to that or even the Native Arete, you missed the social trail. You may also have to squeeze past a couple of boulders as the social trail thins out a bit between the conglomerations. You can see the squeeze part in the lower left of the video, as well as the main trail from atop the adjacent boulder (where the camera was placed).”

Thanks for the lowdown, Noel.

~ by r. mulligan on 2013/12/09.

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