some past problems re-enacted

back around 2001, I think, I did this problem at ryan campground’s equestrian campsites back when a bench I climbed next to was still a wooden and steel type chained to the ground (I think that was how I remember they anchored them). because another problem around to the right, on the west face, is the Chipped Bulge, it seemed logical to call this the Unchipped Bulge, v5? (I called it a 6 in the video), as it’s not chipped. I think the moves are cool, but that’s just me. check it out below as I climbed it last season over a new concrete bench.

this next problem was done just after Robert’s first guidebook was published. it’s also in the same area: ryan campground, equestrian campsites around the bouldery route Slightly Ahead of Our Time. here, Jill demonstrates the One Trick Toey, v4, a lowball that’s actually quite enjoyable utilizing a foot jam hold to reach the lip. a direct version that felt slightly harder exits straight up without switching feet to the right.


~ by r. mulligan on 2013/12/04.

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  1. Recently we have been there….such a nice spot, check out:

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