Finally leaving Leavenworth

For reals this time.

Originally this post was going to be called “Maybe-not-leaving Leavenworth,” but it wasn’t posted in time when we were out there last week and now we’ve actually left. Monday last week, we were bored of rain and set to bail and head south to sunnier climes… but then the weather forecast shifted and it looked like there might be a worthy day or two in Leavenworth later that week, so we hesitated… then Tuesday we checked and there were FIVE days of clear weather!


Having already decided we’d had enough of bad weather, we were planning to be in Portland by Friday and in SF by Saturday night to meet with friends, but couldn’t resist trying to squeeze in a couple more days before leaving… especially since the weather was finally clear. COLD, but clear. So we headed out Wednesday morning to get on some dry (for a change) NW granite!

And oh, it was dry. And oh, it was cold. The temps in those forecasts are all lies; the temps never got above the teens/low 20s… and yes, we’re talking the daytime temps. Since daytime was well below freezing, Wednesday night in the van was pretty much what one would expect… most of our water (including the sink) froze and we washed breakfast with icicle water.

Washing/rinsing breakfast dishes with icey water

Washing/rinsing breakfast dishes with icey water… foggy photo because it was so cold the camera lens kept getting condensation

We attempted to warm up and climb Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, but it was all in vain. We just couldn’t rest between burns without freezing, and we never really “warmed” up on such cold rock! And just an FYI to folks out there: Icicle Canyon really doesn’t get sun in the winter… at least not in November.

Icicle Canyon living up to its name

Icicle Canyon living up to its name

So… we hit the road and headed south. Joshua Tree is in prime season! 🙂

~ by jillc on 2013/11/27.

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