leaving leavenworth…

there’s another chance to climb there this week, and watching conditions for both Steven’s Pass and in Leavenworth shows we might get a few or more days in. Leavenworth is expected to be in the 30’s 40’s mostly. now I just have to deal with the Steven’s Pass.

josh is getting into season with sun, wind and a shit load of more sun, and this weekend the big ditch is looking good too. choices, choices…

since this is nearing the end for us in the northwest, here are several videos of stuff done since this post here from tuesday. we then climbed wednesday in the afternoon after waiting out the fog’s effects, but the rock was still wet on the Lion’s Den (unearthed boulders) leaving only the Unearthed, v5, problem to do. we followed this with a short session thursday. Jill sent Atomic Energy, v9, quickly once shorty beta was sussed. I, well, I dabbed on some random bit of ground detritus and let go. next time. I’ve updated this post with another problem from the Unearthed boulders, Unearthed, see after the break.

here are two videos of me on two v4’s at the Carnival Boulders. One is called The Rib, the other is called Giant Man. the vids are pretty basic, but both being v4’s, you, as I did, might find them quite different in difficulty, just by the look of them. check it out:

this next video is a true v4, and quite stellar:

if you’re short, The Rib works well (Jill sent it with slight beta change at the top) while Giant Man, sitting opposite of The Rib on the same boulder, might be harder and closer to v4, morpho. after years of trad, I’d say Giant Man felt to me more like an easy 5.10 or 5.9. wtf? regardless, the Carnival Boulders are a good place for a small circuit or warmup. there’s also an impressive new line called Big Happy or Legs Go Snappy that we were told is in the 6-7 point range. one last note, after daylight savings, the Mad Meadows boulders are all in the shade, all day. and upper Forestland still gets sun, but I’m not sure how much and for how long.

Leavenworth is worth it.

~ by r. mulligan on 2013/11/19.

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