water, water everywhere…

fyi, just a filler image

fyi, just a filler image

…and not a drop to drink for free. At least not so far. We weren’t paying attention to if and when the provincial parks might close, and last week Stawamus Chief Provincial Park turned off the spigots that offered free water at the campground. Today, or maybe it was Sunday, since today is Tuesday, Alice Lake Provincial Park turned its spigots off. The park officially closes on the 31st. Today we finally had to pay for water at ¬†Nester’s off 99. it’s .89 cents for 4 liters. We even checked out the leisure (recreation, in the usa) park for Squamish, the one with the awesome pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and even couples showers. Damn Canadians (they even have, like the socialistic euros, unisex bathrooms, duh). They have many spigots because of the baseball diamonds, soccer field, etc, and all were turned off.

If you’re not a local, things can get a bit less easier if Walmart is your backyard.

The weather is crazy good right now. Nightfall never got humid as there’s serious winds blowing that remind us of being in socal during Santana’s. Not as dry, but close. Rain is forecast to arrive this coming weekend. This is an outdated (yesterday) Wunderground.com image:

looks like a serpent is about to hit squamish

looks like a serpent is about to hit squamish

Today I tried After Party, v8. I’ve been noticing that Tim Doyle climbs tend to be solid for the grade. I can’t say the same for the 2nd edition guidebook. I need to take greater care in pre-inspection and cleaning. I missed two small crimps on the topout after I took a closer look. My first go I dabbed at the top because the holds were not cleaned. There’s a boulder that follows you and while hanging on the top you can step off to this boulder. Here’s some footage of me backing off. Holds at top felt real untacky, very glassy. We plan to go back tomorrow with Jill trying to send The Great Escape and me on this thing again.

~ by r. mulligan on 2013/10/29.

2 Responses to “water, water everywhere…”

  1. Hey Rob! — I’m enjoying your blog and vids… I like this clip in particular. They can’t all be successes and it’s nice seeing a glimpse of the hard work behind a classic send. —Cheers from So Cal.

    • Great to hear from you! So true about trying to send. Things are getting a bit dodgy up here with the weather, so we may bail any moment and head to tacoma/leavenworth or further south. We’ll have to catch up when we return.

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