2 from restant… while it rains along the sea to sky corridor

there’s a neurotically boring  but equally mesmerizing gait to this new video short. I shot it early on, about a week in, while we were in Font 2 March’s ago. these two problems are reds, I think, that climbed well. we were but newbies to the craft of Font bouldering.

there’s some trickery on the part of the spotter in the second section, so just ignore that for maximum viewing pleasure.

…and regarding this sea to sky place, the hip place seems to be the Walmart parking lot. more and more rv’s are showing up, including this pair from Maine that have euro plates on the front:

serious rigs

serious rigs

just a few rv's with our van and another rv not visible.

just a few rv’s with our van and another rv not visible.

we are about to bail this crag cause the weather outlook just turned from tolerable to terrible. things could improve, but we have little capacity to make the time spent in the rain and a small van worthwhile. we have a warm bed in Tacoma, a friend to hang with, and barring bad weather forecasts, we can skip out to Leavenworth for a few days at a time. sorta like being in socal and tripping out to josh.

~ by r. mulligan on 2013/09/28.

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