A Sound of Thunder video

Here is the edit I mentioned for the video footage shot on A Sound of Thunder(v10?), a new sit extension to Thunder Egg, v6 (gB rated). I shot it with two cameras tripoded, one on a fluid head which I operated. Luckily, Jill didn’t need a spot, so I was attempting to crudely follow focus or zoom. The audio track I chose is a bit too dramatic for this, but it worked structurally (I guess that’s not saying much). Anyways, I think I’m going to try and capture close-ups next time and better wide shots. Night shooting is very limiting, especially since there’s no depth to the scene except what I illuminated. Though this is video, I lit it based on my stills experience…. meaning I need way more lights! I used only two lights, and I have 3, meaning I’ll do a better job next time. Enjoy:

~ by r. mulligan on 2013/06/25.

4 Responses to “A Sound of Thunder video”

  1. super cool, well done both of you!

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