a sound of thunder…sent

On Saturday, while an endless stream of cars exited and entered, Jill sent her project just off the road opposite Key’s View parking officially calling the sit to Thunder Egg, A Sound of Thunder. It’s based on the Ray Bradbury short story with the same name. She said it felt a bit harder than Blood Diamond which has seen 3 known ascents and not downrated, v10.

an early attempt. conditions were good once night fell

an early attempt showing the first move. conditions were good once night fell

The problem has a sustained series of small and thin holds, but it doesn’t climb like it’s just off the ground, though it is. The right exit is now the last undone line. Below is an uncut sequence of the send. I shot using two cameras, one closeup, and will edit it shortly. For now, this shows the line and send.

My experience with climbing in spring is that unlike summer, once the sun sets, humidity doesn’t skyrocket and air temps reflect the actual temperature with minimal heat radiation from the rocks. Once it hits the 80’s, not only does the daytime warming of rocks continue to warm the air locally, but humidity seems to be more noticeable. Because of this, conditions don’t get favorable until much later when humidity is at its maximum, offsetting any drop in temps. Wind is a wildcard that in sufficient speed allows one more versatility. Our practice is to climb in the sun or shade with 40’s and 50’s, shade in the 50’s and 60’s, night in the 60’s and 70’s. Your experience may vary, but this has been a pretty consistent pattern. The Underground is one exception that is climbable later into summer. It’s mostly north-facing, exposed to wind and at a higher altitude.


~ by r. mulligan on 2013/05/27.

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