sunscreen from the jtree salve company

Update: We recently returned from Santa Barbara bouldering at both Lizard’s Mouth and the Brickyard. I normally get bitten quite often by mosquitoes, gnats, and biting flies, but this last weekend, 4-20 and 21st, on the first day I don’t recall getting bitten after applying the Joshua Tree Skin Care sunscreen the first day, and I only got bitten a few times the second day when I didn’t apply any Joshua Tree Skin Care sunscreen again. Conditions were warm, still and full of gnats and mosquitoes. I’m not saying it’s an insect repellent, but it might help.

if you’ve ever used joshua tree climbing salve, then you should know the company, or at least the company that one would assume is from jtree. that company changed hands and is now in michigan, and hand-crafted, so they say:

micro vs nano. this one has microparticles

micro vs nano. this one has microparticles

we use the climbing salve often and feel it does a good job for the skin. it seems to harden the skin in addition to helping it recover. i’ve used on the same day, applied in the earlier morning, and found by later that day, my skin was real sore and painful. it was as if it wasn’t supple enough to be pulled, stretched, and torn all day long. weird. i no longer ever use it same day unless it’s the end of it.

back to the sunscreen, so awhile back i asked the company after ordering two containers of the salve, if they had a sunscreen product. they sent me this oversized lipbalm container of sunscreen. it wasn’t what we were thinking of, so I mentioned that we needed something for general use. they sent me a free tube of this stuff.  and so far it works well, but it does leave the fingers quite greasy (it needs to be cleaned off, like most sunscreens).

so far so good...

so far so good…

most of the ingredients are organic, similar to the climbing salve. also, they use micro zinc oxide, 10%, instead of the white film most people associate with zinc, and not the new nano-sized particles. we haven’t found much in literature on the subject except that nano can be bad because it’s absorbed into the skin. micro is supposedly too big; unfortunately, there is no regulation concerning standards, so particle size can range a fair bit, including having nano in the micro only products. if anyone has more accurate information, i’d be very interested. the stuff goes on clear.

the other active ingredient is OM-cynnamate, and according to Wikipedia, Octyl Methoxycynnamate is an organic compound that’s also potentially harmful if absorbed into the skin, and this is the key “if.” Wikipedia says one study shows it not being absorbed in sufficient quantities. hmmm. anyways, the safest thing to do is cover up like peoples do in lands with much sun. or just use straight zinc oxide on the skin and be white. very white.

~ by r. mulligan on 2013/03/21.

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