An addition to an arête

We arrived late yesterday just in time to hit the chocolate
boulders for a warmup before sunset. Jill had never been there, so
it was good for her, but the crag has little in the way of steep.
We arrived at the Mulligan Arête just in time to start seeing
stars. I thought I’d send the lower right start fast having been on
it last week; unfortunately, quite a few tries later brought us finally to a
more warmed up state and prepared to send. Jill had trouble
with my heel hook beta, so she resorted to twin toe hooks to gain
the arête. I sent it by headlamp, and in an attempt to eliminate
yet another self-named problem, called the problem the Starry Night
arête, after a beautifully clear night of stars. The boulder is
officially the Gogh boulder. This fixes another error in the
guidebook where the problem is listed as the Mulligan Arête, v4.
I’m calling it v7 from the far left finger jug and undercling, v4
as a stand from the arête straight up. Robert calls it v4 from the
far left. That evening we headed into town to have dinner, parked
in the back of Crossroads, version 2.0, realized the back door is
now an emergency exit, drove around the front to full parking and
headed to Pie For The People. Much better choice if you’re into
pizza. No alcohol license, and not tap water meant we got it to go,
walked across the street to the liquor store then back to camping.
Crossroads is lame now; no artwork on the walls, a B rating for
inspection, and no Bonnie. Food is ok. We’re at Natural Sisters
cafe for breakfast right now, a decent place with vegan options.
More to come…

~ by r. mulligan on 2012/12/12.

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