guidebook additions and corrections continues…

As I’ve mentioned in the past, about a year ago, I compiled a corrections list and said I would create a google map showing all new problems not in the guidebook, new problems in the guidebook with corrections, and some existing problems for reference. I’m still working on it and might be done in a week or so. My original listing (I created to keep track of what we were finishing) wasn’t complete or descriptive enough, and I found myself struggling with identifying what I originally wrote. Ugh!!!! But it’s all coming together nicely and should not only allow for very accurate problem information but also show the real extent of development.

I’m also considering a pdf miniguide for download to supplement the new guidebook, but I’m not sure if it will be just a corrections list (a good thing regardless to add to the book) or also a full listing of all the new work done over the past few years. The latter would be ideal as I assume no new guidebook will be done for a long time. If anyone sends me information on their problems, I’ll be happy to include them too

If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to email me ( or comment below.

Update: It would be nice to see someone do a smartphone guidebook. Think about it: no more paper waste, updates can continue regardless of published date, use of google (similar) maps is more accurate then any drawn maps, and it’s smaller to carry with you. Downside: batteries, device in the field could be problematic, and if it’s a tablet then it’s not really smaller.


~ by r. mulligan on 2012/12/07.

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