Deodorant never looked so stupid.

I just watched how to HOLD slopers in a Degree for Men Bear Grylls advertisement humorously posted on Go Bear go! Grylls, you make us all so f#*%@ing envious! That commercial was clearly very expensive to make with all those gyro-based heli shots, it amazes me that Unilever paid to alienate maybe a million active climbers and maybe 5-10 million who have climbed, and countless others with a working knowledge of climbing (think family and friends). Nice work Uninever! I guess it was too expensive to find a real climbing consultant or portray real climbing as exciting. Alex H., you’re so boring! And to think PR and Marketing are treated as real academic pursuits. What does that say about academics? Or the priorities embodied in higher education? Ok, I’ll shut up and go back to the boring craft of bouldering.

the splayed finger technique...

~ by r. mulligan on 2012/04/21.

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