Some past images

As I’ve been going through my images, I came across some shots that I thought you would like to see. The first two are of Brit Matt Birch cruzing for warmup the v7 face I put up a few (well maybe more than a few) years ago when I also did Bittersweet, in Hidden Valley Campground:

matt warming up before doing bittersweet where the start holds were wet!

Matt’s strong, very strong on crimps. I guess this would feel easy if you could pull half pad one arms with 28 lbs in the other hand. But the Brits aren’t just strong, they know how to climb. Earlier in the day, he walked up Act of Perdition, saying it was fun, you know, just like grit. For the record, he was re-warming up here in the pictures.

he climbed it twice, cause, well, it was fun.

Here are two images from the Hidden Arete, on the backside of the Cyclops.

no climbing, but it's kinda cool. I think jill shot this, I think.

Here I'm about to make one of the harder moves to get around to the left side of the face.

Good bye for now.

Assuming the plane doesn't crash, I'll add some more from the welfare state capitals of the world.


~ by r. mulligan on 2012/02/27.

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