Recategorizing and an attempt to undo some clusterf@#^ing…

We’re about to head out to Europe, and I’m trying to get all the images I need to add posts that I’ve been behind on. In doing so, I’ve discovered some poorly categorized posts and have proceeded to fix them and add categories as necessary. It’s all a works in progress and a consequence of my winging it as I go. Sorry for the confusion.

Armed with a new MB air, I’ll be ready to take advantage of rest days and cafes and will finally finish some drafts, and add new ones, that have been sitting around and make a more thorough review of the categories and how to organize stuff. Also, with the new guidebook pending, I’m thinking of doing some Google earth maps of problems by area. Robert didn’t have all the current information, so this blog (and my effort to get it organized) will help to fill in blanks that the guidebook is short on. It’s a shame that this stuff isn’t in the guidebook, but time and events simply didn’t pan out to get Robert and myself connected. Hopefully, and I’m psyched to do so, I’ll make it up with some maps and better organization.


Update: In a moment of epiphany, I realized that I’m really bad about fixing things, especially when I know it needs fixing. I put it off till what seems like long past that point it should have been dealt with, yet knowing that if I just do it, I’ll be psyched and want to do it more (keep it fixed and keep updating it). I’m sure glad I don’t deal with sex that way… 😉


~ by r. mulligan on 2012/02/27.

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