how to make chalkbag zippers work better.

We’ve returned to josh on a regular basis as of this last Friday, the 18th. It’s been a long summer, so to speak, as the weather only recently cooled down. We didn’t take advantage of the start of the cold weather, but we did get in one day prior to friday.

We left off blogging at the end of last season without posting about the lines at the Sanctuary boulder. It’s a bit of hike, but mostly flat. It’s out in the far east at the Virgin Isles/Islands. We will also be adding video more often, but this post is about zippers: something I came up with that works well for chalked and poorly running zippers.

After heavy use, the zippers seem to get really clogged with chalk, and they no longer move smoothly. I decided on a fix that probably would have been better had I performed it on the bag new. I didn’t. So to fix that what I did was use a can of compressed air and blew out as much chalk as I could in the zipper. I noticed that I needed a fair amount of spraying to clean them out, and in doing so, I found the can to get really cold and ultimately lost its pressure. Having little to no experience with these compressed air cans, I can’t say what that means, other than they seemed to suck when it came to doing a lot of spraying.

In the end, I just switched to using a second can (they came in a two pack) to finish the job. After that, I sprayed a wax-based lubricant used for bike chains and made sure it covered all of the zipper, inside and out. The brand I used was really watery and so easy to overspray.

This picture shows the zipper after being cleaned and waxed. It’s been about 4 months and they still run fairly well.

Next up… the Sanctuary boulder.


~ by r. mulligan on 2011/11/21.

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