a bit o’ roadside drama, or so we thought

Sometimes you have to elicit help from your friend and discover something you hadn’t known before. Well, so was the case October 17. We pulled up alongside the boulders just before the Mirage boulder and parked in a short turnout on the left. Nothing unusual. We walked across to show Jon the problems from the “dreary or not-so-dreary…” blog and upon returning found my van at the center of a bee infestation. It was probably the radiator fluid or something else, but they swarmed around the front of the van, and there we stood wondering if we could just walk up and drive away or get attacked.

We decided to play it safe and hatch a scheme to “rescue” the van and attempt to prevent one of us from suffering too many stings if the bees got excited. In coming up with a way to cover one of us, Jon suggested he do his head scarf trick wtih his t-shirt. He just volunteered I assumed, knowingly. The plan was for him to walk around and come up to the van from the rear, open the sliding door all the way, and jump in and drive off… Jill and I would walk south, further out in front of the van about 150-200 meters away and as Jon drove by, we’d jump in and close the sliding door. Hmmm….

From a high rock outcropping, we waited and watched.

From that distance, it all seemed so mild and unassuming as we basked in the warm sun.

the getaway driver

As the van slowed, we jumped in, and the getaway was a success. After stopping, I recall only a bee or two buzzing around, and so our drama was over. 😉 We continued on down to turnout 7 and walked out to M2. All in all, it was a rather uneventful day, except for two more rather uneventful lines done. We first did the intro tour for Jon who hadn’t been to M2 crag yet (it’s the one just east of the cinder cone Malapai).

here jon is trying Two Peas on a Stem of the Tree of Life. what's with the shameless plug for redbull? Jill.......?

Jill repeating the super fun Pod Slab (most likely done before us)

how to look provocatively cool on a 5.6

And here is the first of two rather uneventful FA’s:

I'm about to throw a heal hook and hump it over. it starts matched below the right hand

Jill cheery in spite of her performance

Drum roll please… the second of the rather uneventful FA’s.

walking the feet up on the start of Speck on the Windshield

starting holds

It finishes past a horizontal (reaching it is the crux) and then “topping out” right past a bush. This problem is really part of the main formation, so topping out is a bit of a misnomer. Good rock and it sits just left of the Split Car boulder.

Update: I finally sent Chuckfalla on 11-23-2010, the problem I worked on in the blog Night Sessions Again, M2 North End. My beta changed and so did the difficulty. The past images show me trying to do the super lockoff, but this time I just matched on a horribly slopping crimp just up from the shallow dish (my left hand is on it). Jill didn’t shoot any images as the boulder she was standing on presented a problem if I fell backwards for the topout.

Chuckfalla; the line finishes by traversing right and then mantling. It's a bit of a contrived problem as the left arete is off. or to put it another way, I'm doing the right variation! 🙂


~ by r. mulligan on 2011/02/05.

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