We’re back (well, for the last 3 months!)…

Our last visit to josh last season was on June 6th. After Jill went to Egypt for 9 weeks, and I met up with her for her remaining 4.5 weeks, we returned desperately out of shape. About the only body parts that remained fit were our legs, and even they atrophied a bit in the last 2 weeks while in the western desert around Bahariya Oasis and El Haiz. I’m planning on doing a post for our trip in Egypt, but this post is originally was about our most recent first trip to Josh since returning from Egypt. That was October 2; we just had to jet out there and walk around… We didn’t climb, as it was a bit too hot, though it didn’t bother us one bit, as you can imagine what it’s like being in Egypt in the summer! (if you can’t, it was typically over 100-110 degrees every day. Nights were warm, especially in the western desert.)

We went straight to our latest stomping ground down Geology Tour road, and I took Jill on a tour of boulders I had checked out in August just before going to Egypt (that day was toasty too, I guess I needed to prep for North Africa). They remained just as good as I had remembered them. This time, though, we continued on all the way to the outer western edges of the formations in the  East Virgin Isles/Islands (trad climbers like the “island” term apparently according to Mountain Project and Robert uses Isles, I digress). Though we didn’t actually tromp through those formations, we hit all the outliers sitting between GTR and them.

The good news is that a friend from up north, Jon Wright, has returned to the southland for work, and is super psyched to start regular treks to these and many other problems we’ve showed him. In fact, over Hemp Beer and vegan BATTOS (vegan bacon, avocado, tomatoes, pan-seared tofu, onions and baby spinach leaves), and Dirty potato chips, we perused Egypt pics and the many images Jill and I shot of the many projects we couldn’t wait to get our uncalloused fingers on.

Welcome back, Jon. Having a third person is prime, especially for video and stills! Yay!

Update: Jon, you work too much! 😉 (in all honesty, he has to finish his 3 months work probation until he can become the bouldering slacker we all aspire too!)

This arete appears to have a start on the horizontal low and to the left.

Update: Though the arete itself hasn’t been sent, we did several lines and will post on them real soon.

this fine piece of monzonite has what appears to be maybe 3 lines. The first is left of the posing figure, the second takes the big move the figure is demonstrating, and the third could go from that right hand out to the right arete and up. If the left line is a no go, the center line should have 2 exits.

Probably VBish, though I was fearlessly out of shape, I had to do it. Simply sweet on perfect stone. (self portrait of photographer)

These next two shots are from the area just west of Cosgrove’s Sunbowl sport climb from the early 90’s, I think. The Sunbowl stares south right at the dirt road to Barker Dam, sitting on top of a small formation on the left (hence facing the sun). Troy and I walked out to it, back in the day, and weren’t impressed, but the area around it could have a few decent problems.

Anyone game? It looks so perfect, but the exit could be a bit exciting, and we didn't take the time to walk over to see what the fall is like.

Though we assumed it was placed by the park service, we found nothing obvious like pictographs. It has only the number "1" on it. Anyone with any ideas?

Update: Since October, we have added many lines throughout the south GTR region and will post on those soon too. Our current count of new lines is over 200 with the potential for well over 500, hopefully by the end of the season! 🙂 I will also be doing more Timeline ones of past problems. Whewwwwwww, it’s going to be a busy winter!


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