summertime blues…

Well, not really the blues since one can go to Black Mountain, The Tram, Way Lake near Mammoth, or Colorado’s Mt. Evans or RMNP, among other places.

It’s been a while since our last posts, and as you probably already assumed, because of the weather, we’ve been idle. True. Also, I’ve just returned from Junior Nationals in Atlanta where I was at the largest gym I’ve seen in a loooooong time. The main area seemed to resemble an indoor football field, and the wall was, I think, 70 feet vertical and overhanged by maybe 40+ feet. It’s big. It’s a rope climbing gym for sure, because the bouldering is nestled in the back behind curtains. Small, very small compared to the lead area, and not so high either, maybe 13 or 14 feet, guessing.

I’ve left a fair number of projects open, and we’ve also found an unbelievable number of new lines to do. Jill is in the Sinai, and I’m going hiking on one of the warmer days all year, this weekend. I guess I’m being sympathetic to the inland Sinai’s 110+ daytime temps, so it’s fitting to venture out to josh on a long hike in 100+ temps.

I’m planning on putting in a fair number of days out in josh this coming season, and if the scouting goes well (some of it has already yielded a potential new super crag), I’ll be posting on it all winter. Stay tuned… (I’ll also be reviewing any past problems I may have missed. This could yield an entry or two this summer, maybe.)

Have a great summer.


~ by r. mulligan on 2010/07/15.

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