learning the ropes, one move at a time

this post is a continuation of the post That Seam, A Bat, And More Climbing, where we warmed up at the knuckleball boulder. Well, I warmed up, mainly because I’ve done these problems countless times. Jill, on the other hand, had never tried them. First up was the knuckleball line itself. Jill had some real issues with the highstep foot/hand match onto the knuckleball itself, so she ventured over to the Curveball problem and found out it’s way tricky. Also, it favors taller persons only in that the obvious and better feet are too low for her height, 5′ 4″. Also, the move really taxed her capacity to control her shoulders, do a highstep, and control the turnout. All 3 of these things she continually works on to improve, and this problem threw it all at her. Ugh.

After trying knuckleball several times, and then trying curveball, she went back to knuckleball and sent it once she committed to elevating high enough to get her right foot onto the “knuckleball.”

doing it.

Jill wasn’t too psyched about the mantel or the dyno problem, so she focused on Curveball. It was truly a learning experience. Start time: 5: 40pm approximately.



5:55pm, there must be a higher foot.

6:00pm, foot reached intrusion

6:16pm, determined

moments later, gettin' it.

a view to a hill, resting...


one of many

7:14pm, fatigue setting in

7:29pm, mota mota gotta lotta motivation... deda deda gotta lotta dedication

7:31pm, fatigue has arrived full force, now technique is her weapon of last resort.

7:34pm, gettin' sidetracked, focus, focus.

7:37pm, bad beta, forgot to shift over left foot

7:40pm, photographer enjoying sunset

7:40pm, maybe, just maybe...

sweet... done.

And in the end, Jill still felt it was only a 3. I concurred. Maybe 2? 😉 not.  After 2 hours, she learns an important lesson Jtree can offer any day of the week. Movement skills.

~ by r. mulligan on 2010/05/25.

2 Responses to “learning the ropes, one move at a time”

  1. That was a cool post. I liked how you showed the time progression. This is bouldering. Cool looking climb.

  2. way to stay motivated jill…good send.

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