the 3 for 3 in the biz-hop

That is, 3 days of 3 star bouldering courtesy the socal transplant now working and climbing in Bishop, Mike Brady. After spending the full winter and summer up there, he’s been egging me on to come up and test drive the northern monzonite, and lava love rock. I’ve not been climbing up there for so many years that High Plains Drifter was my big thrill send in the early 90’s. Dang, the Eastside is Goooood!

mike ... Suspended in Silence

May 2-4
Day 1: (Happy’s)

pursuit of wow (jill too)
heavenly path (jill too)
leaving for constantinople (jill too)
althea (jill too)
will’s arete
mr. witty
not the clapper (jill too)
the clapper
french press (jill send too)

Day 2: (Pollen Grains)
lydia’s mouth
suspended in silence
drone militia
jedi mind tricks (jill too)
the beekeeper (with topout)
scooped face
the bee sneeze

Day 3: (Buttermilks proper)
the hunk (jill only send)

nada – should have been a rest day, but we did manage to warm up and Jill managed a classic face climb.

our fearless guide

this is the image that usually keeps me away (josh is the real desert, at least as humans go)

JIll sending French Press.

On the Beekeeper, we invaded some poor guy’s space while we all weathered the high winds and chill. Mike, BC Mike and myself all sent with BC Mike having to climb it virtually twice since his first try was almost a flash, backing off at the top because he didn’t see the finish hueco. He ended up caboosing the send train. We thanked the stranger for his patience and use of his pad and went further up the hill.

BC Mike finishing the train... A near vertical circumnavigation of the boulder.

awesome finish to an awesome climb

mike about to highstep the Drone Militia

BC Mike finishing Jedi MInd Tricks

Jill on her send of Jedi MInd Tricks

The Hunk, and Jill saving day 3

~ by r. mulligan on 2010/04/24.

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