a mantel a day helps keeps the hiball fears away

Haha, but so true.

On that day after I tore my index pad, we walked over to hike up Malapai Hill and saw a bunch of mantels. Well, we saw the boulders first, of course, but we’d seen them before. The boulders sit in a shallow just southwest of the M2 crag, and from the crag they all look about 5 feet tall. Realizing how good they could be, we savored them and committed to return another day.

a chuckwalla, maybe! it's about 11 or 12 inches long not including the tail.

I would guess there might be maybe a dozen mantels to be had, all on about 7 boulders. One boulder has an absolutely gorgeous line with a sit that might go double digi. On the backside resides 2 lines with a third as a variation. About thigh high, sits a bow tie crack feature with a small wishbone bush seedling trying to start a new life. What’s real amazing is that a seed found it’s way into this shallow groove with dirt. I tried in vain not to use that part of the crack for the low mantel start; i resorted to using it and carefully placed my foot next to it and contentedly accepted that it won’t go that way. Whew! How this little seedling will do with the coming summer months, is anyone’s guess, but I would assume it’ll not make it. Regardless, the mantel goes without using that part of the bow tie feature. 🙂

wishbone bush seedling

The Garden of One mantel

killer topout holds, eh? those white dots are bugs flying in the sunlight, not that you care, but now you know.

once Jill decided on the right "hold," she sent it.

This next mantel, or actually 2 mantels, is just left of The Garden of One, v2. At maybe v3, you can exit either right or left. Both are way cool in that going right the mantel itself is harder and going left the setup moves to the mantel are harder. Shown here is the right exit. The image below is the Button mantel, v2??? These are hard to rate. Take them with a grain of monzonite.

Update: I realized I never gave a name to the boulder or the 2 mantel variation. Well, it’s called the Wishbone mantels, left and right, and it’s on the Wishbone boulder.

the Seedling Right.

the Button mantel.

These two mantels, one done and the other a project, are closest to the M2 crag (they’re maybe 100 feet away). The Poop Scoop mantel is the project, and it’s on the Dog Skull boulder. I called it that cause someone took a poop right below the potential right exit, putting a large boulder on it surrounded by lots of toilet paper. Lame. I assume it wasn’t a climber (maybe it was, just not a boulderer 😉 ) cause of it’s proximity to a boulder. I tried it again with a possible left exit; either way, it’s not gonna be easy, me thinks.

first of two mantels.... Dog Skull boulder.

not happening this day.

To the left of this boulder, sits the Cow Dung boulder and probably the coolest face/mantel problem here. It’s not tall, nor flashy, but the rock is stellar and the moves are tricky. It starts on the right side closest to a shallow undercling about shoulder height. Called Archies Mantel, v3 or 4????, it moves left then up.

There’s another mantel, maybe vb, and it’s on the south face of the boulder on the sky line at the far right of the picture below. It’s a good mantel for starting out.

manteling by moonlight.

working the feet.

then the step up.

~ by r. mulligan on 2010/04/10.

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