Timeline 01-2008: Rosetta Stone

On January 26, 2008, the Rosetta Stone line on the Rosetta Stone boulder was climbed. The guide book was published with the incorrect information. I don’t know of any other ascents on it since the publication date. I believe Robert concurs with me, but you’d have to check with him to confirm. Anyways, the point being it’s done and here are some images, one from the FA. I think it’s rated 8 or 7. I’m not sure.  Skip the jump if you don’t want beta, but it’s pretty limited in options near the top. It’s just a full pull off a sloping crimp. The higher I got the more I had to trust the foot, which is quite large.You could go left but the topout of The River Nile I think is worse or just more committing, but it could be ok accessing from this direction. After the start move, there is a giant flake hold that’s a bit grainy, and maybe hallow (I can’t remember). It’s the one in the second picture that’s to the right of my right shin at the arete/shallow dihedral, following the crack from my knee it crosses above the jug.

There are two more obvious lines, I think, to do on this formation. If you go there, it sould be obvious. One may not be your cup of tea! 😉

The Rosetta Stone climbed; the vertical crack left of the climber is The River Nile while the horizontals on the left edge is Alexandria

profile angle

~ by r. mulligan on 2010/02/27.

5 Responses to “Timeline 01-2008: Rosetta Stone”

  1. hey hey hey! after several sessions of the same predictable thing happening I was farely secure in waiting til’ the last moment to spot. I think i was checking the pads anyway. how you been kai?

  2. great spot in the lower image. is that brady?

    • But of course! In his defense, he spotted me thru to the high point (upper picture) over and over, and I’d jumped off from that approximate spot, over and over. I think it was maybe my 3rd day of trying that move, because my right ankle kept rolling out as if to buckle under pressure. Ankle sprains really suck.

  3. i like slab! Almost tried it on Sunday. Lets hike out there and do it!!!!

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