Timeline 03-2009: There Will Be Blood, for the love of crack…

If you like tight places, as apparently Aron does, you will love this vomit fest. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool, way cool. Personally, by the time I got to the end of the roof squeeze chimney all I wanted to do was keep trying to breath, maybe vomit, and certainly bail. I bailed; I threw in the towel. Aron didn’t. Awesome send to watch. The line forces you to climb horizontally as you finally squeak out at the end. It starts low in the roof left down under his feet in the first picture. Image 3 shows a bit of it too. Enjoy. Aron thinks it’s a 3 or 4, I think. It’s really rated on the yosemite scale and converted to the V scale. Pictures after the jump.

Update: Aron calls it v5. Thanks for the correction.

More crack to come including a wide finger crack starting at 70 degrees steep and ending at about 45 degrees overhung. Maybe 12 feet tall vertical. Not so good fall as it runs along a shallow ledge lined with a nice drop off! This one is not around the intersection. It’s a bit of a hike. Once done, I’ll post it.

about to begin the fight.

the calm before the storm... for sure.

3. move by move, Aron literally inches his way across.

a pseudo rest.

a pseudo rest for the other hand.


~ by r. mulligan on 2010/02/18.

3 Responses to “Timeline 03-2009: There Will Be Blood, for the love of crack…”

  1. That’s just ridiculous. I want sum. Now. lol~ I’ll look for it in the coming months~

  2. I’ll call it a v5. It hurt, was miserable, and made me want to hurl every second of the way. It was also one of the coolest lines I’ve ever climbed!

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