Charlie adds new line…

Charlie Andrews-Jubelt, 16, ticked a new line in early February after two days work in the Western Territories. In a shallow trough lies a single boulder  that from a distance, looks small. It sits east of the summit that lies due east of the second (me thinks) paved turnout on the right from the main entrance.

very cold. He's reaching for the first crimp.

After Aron, Jill and I checked out the boulders around the base and back side of the summit, we headed out to it on the way to the major stuff behind it on the next hillside.

The crack starts on the down hill side facing the approach. It cuts quickly out left and around the corner. Starting no more than 3 plus feet off the ground, the crux involves thin fingers in the crack and a thin crimp on the face below the crack. It’s short and cruxy but lengthy enough you don’t dismiss it as short. The corner direct awaits an ascent. It’s his first FA, I think. He’s given it v10. The first image is of the first move out from the corner. The second shot is the crux throw to the gaston.

with limited outside climbing, charlie is no stranger to feeling the pain. He simply never complained and never stopped trying. Way cool.

Jills new to bouldering, but she came within a millimeter of sending blood diamond before charlie. she climbed through to the good gaston but didn't take the time to set it right. the rest was history. still, a nice effort.


~ by r. mulligan on 2010/02/17.

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